Our mission

To unlock the hidden potential inside all of us to use our knowledge and skills to accelerate the impact of nonprofits.

Today, there are thousands of nonprofits that provide emergency relief, short-term assistance, and long-term sustenance. Happiness Foundation is not replicating the work of any of these nonprofits – we fill in the gaps with business knowhow and consulting services. Our Volunteer Consultants’ contributions are specific to the needs of each nonprofit and may range from conceiving and implementing a coherent communication strategy to establishing an effective technology infrastructure.

Shonna Keogan

“The brilliance of the Happiness model is that it builds that crucial link between need and resources, giving people the opportunity to help in a genuinely meaningful, practical way by making use of the unique abilities of each individual.”

Peter Bakel

“Happiness Foundation makes it possible for me to make a meaningful and targeted contribution in a manner that is wholly gratifying. It has redefined what happiness means to me.”

Marie Ørsted

“The whole spirit that characterizes the Foundation rubs off on me, motivates me - and makes me happy. So it is not difficult to find the time in a busy schedule since I get so much more in return than I give.”