Our philosophy

Every day, hundreds of nonprofits are started by compassionate, hard-working people striving to help others and to make the world a better place. Many nonprofits have a powerful, long-lasting impact and grow over time with the support of dedicated volunteers, philanthropists, even governments. Unfortunately, an incredible amount of nonprofits have limited impact or are terminated due to a lack of know-how and resources. 

Happiness Foundation was founded to provide strategic consulting services to nonprofits that want to optimize operations and grow stronger to have an even bigger impact. We breathe life into nonprofits that have the desire and the potential to improve the lives of people in need. We provide the means for these nonprofits to tap their full potential by supplying intellectual capital.
Why do this? The reason is actually quite simple. Happiness breeds happiness. And the more happiness there is in the world, the less we have to worry about the threat of war, disease and economic hardship. The world is filled with bright, motivated individuals who use their skills and talents every day for economic gain. It is our belief that most of these same individuals - given the chance - would gladly contribute a share of their time to the nonprofit sector if asked.
Happiness is asking people like you to reach out and donate what you do best to charities that need your help. Not just to survive today or make it tomorrow, but to grow stronger next week and have a greater impact next month and next year. This might entail reviewing a strategy, creating a communication plan, enhancing an IT system, or preparing a replication manual. The tasks won’t be simple, but the satisfaction and ensuing happiness will be enormous.

At Happiness Foundation, we believe happiness is felt by making other people happy.