What we expect

The tasks for our Volunteer Consultants resemble to a big extent the traditional role as management consultants; You work together with nonprofits and are expected to add significant value and make results that would not have be achieved without your involvement. 

Happiness Foundation’s Volunteer Consultants are socially concerned and wish to help people in need. The volunteer consultants have competences within strategy, management, technology, human resources, communication, fundraising, or education. 
This is not a job just anyone can do. Thus the criteria for selection are hard and resemble a traditional job with recruitment by application, interviews and a binding engagement letter.
Differences are valued and no discrimination is made on sex, race, nationality, religion, political conviction, or sexual orientation during the selection. The criteria to cooperate and create results are, however, mandatory. Every nonprofit requires special personal and professional qualities. Volunteer Consultants in Happiness Foundation are creative, practical oriented and create results. 
The volunteer consultants have a high level of integrity, a huge drive and documented experiences. 
The professional requirements are very similar to the requirements to consultants in general at the highest level:

  • Good at problem solving. Visionary, creative and innovative people.
  • Strong within management and cooperation.
  • Drive and ambition. The type of person that does not give up even if it is challenging. Often has a high level of activity and is able to make the necessary (and often difficult) prioritizing in order to reach determined goals.
  • Power. Outgoing, team player respecting other people and addresses new tasks and new situations with humility and diligence.
  • These qualities have to be documented through results and activities both privately and professionally. We are looking for people who have shown that they can get the job done and inspire people they work with. 

The typical Volunteer Consultant would therefore be between 30-60 years and be well off in his/hers career. The person has experiences working as a consultant and practical experiences carrying out projects. Usually he/she has a longer education and strong abilities of communication, including in writing as well as in presentations. Individuals that do not meet these criteria are usually engaged in the role of an expert, due to their great knowledge within a specific area of value for the individual Nonprofit, for instance children psychology or human resource management.
As it is an international foundation, it is mandatory to master English fluently in both writing and speech. 

The brilliance of the Happiness Foundation model is that it builds that crucial link between need and resources, giving people the opportunity to help in a genuinely meaningful, practical way by making use of the unique abilities of each individual.
— Shonna Keogan
Happiness Foundation makes it possible for me to make a meaningful and targeted contribution in a manner that is wholly gratifying. It has redefined what happiness means to me.
— Peter Bakel

Our typical Volunteer Consultant:

  • Top-performers in their professional lives
  • Business professionals and experts with relevant knowledge and skills
  • Passionate and dedicated

We typically help nonprofits with:

  • Communications and marketing
  • Technology
  • Organizational development
  • Financial management
  • Human resource management