Our criteria

The nonprofits supported by Happiness Foundation require strategic guidance to grow, and input that directly addresses their most pressing needs. Happiness Foundation’s approach is to optimize the internal structure and maximize the deliverables of a nonprofit in a way that has an immediate as well as long-term impact.

The Board of Directors identifies, evaluates, and selects nonprofits as a result of queries received from nonprofits via an application. In addition, Happiness Foundation proactively seeks nonprofits that provide a good fit with our purpose and values and satisfy our established criteria.

Happiness Foundation provides pro bono consulting services to nonprofits. Once a nonprofit is selected, our Engagement Director assesses the nonprofit’s short- and long-term needs in areas such as strategy, communications, and technology, assembles a team of volunteer consultants, and sources materials as needed. Our goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a nonprofit so that it may continue to thrive on its own.

Happiness Foundation gets involved at any stage of a nonprofit as long as there is a demonstrated need for support and it meets the criteria and the following qualifications:

  • Documentation of history, goals, and results to date
  • Validation that the nonprofit under review is feasible
  • Dedicated resource within the nonprofit to ensure success
  • Realistic sustainability strategy

Your nonprofit must meet the following requirements:

  • Strong managers capable of implementing recommendations
  • Long-term sustainability, so that the nonprofit has a lasting impact
  • Flexibility to communicate with volunteer consultants outside usual working hours
  • Willingness to involve top management as necessary, especially during the initial and final stages
  • A mission that is not purely religious and does not promote a particular political party or candidate

Your nonprofit must fit within the following parameters:

  • It should address the nonprofit's most pressing challenges within the areas of strategy and operations, financial management, information technology, organizational development, communications and marketing, or human resource management.
  • It should not require volunteer consultants to handle direct fundraising. While Happiness Foundation's volunteer consultants may be available to develop fundraising strategies, they should not be expected to implement those programs.
  • Capacity should already exist within the nonprofit to execute and implement those recommendations made by volunteer consultants that are accepted by the nonprofit's management team.
  • It should be feasible for a team of volunteer consultants to complete the engagement within three to six months, with each volunteer consultant committing an average of ten to twenty hours per month.