Engagement Director


Location: Southampton, New York, USA
Type: Full-time
Experience: Senior level

Happiness Foundation is seeking an Engagement Director to lead and manage the Foundation’s engagement with nonprofits. The ideal candidate will have a passion for improving the lives of others through charitable endeavors. The candidate must excel in the area of project management. Knowledge of management consulting and/or the nonprofit sector a plus. Specific goals and objectives will be set in conjunction with the Executive Director and Board of Directors of Happiness Foundation.


Manage all aspects of engagement with Charitable Projects, including project management, development, and evaluation:

  • Work with the Executive Director to develop selection criteria and rules of engagement.
  • Market Foundation in appropriate places online and offline to attract applications.
  • Process project applications and respond to all applicants.
  • Work with the Executive Director to short-list project applications and present project candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Initiate and participate in initial project meetings.
  • Conduct due diligence of prospective projects and propose project objectives.
  • Formalize Engagement Agreements with Charitable Projects and obtain approval from Executive Director.
  • Develop project promotional materials, including the maintenance/update of the projects page of the Foundation’s website.
  • Work closely with the Recruitment Director and Charitable Projects to interview and place appropriate Volunteer Consultants with Charitable Projects.
  • Collaborate with Recruitment Director to initiate and participate in project kick-off meetings between Charitable Projects and Volunteer Consultants.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of the process used and learnings gained through each Volunteer Consultant/Charitable Project partnership for future use.
  • Assist in project-oriented tasks where needed.

Experience/knowledge required

College education or equivalent. Five or more years' experience in project management and/or management consulting. Requires excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and flexibility with diverse personalities. Ability to maintain confidentiality is essential. Must be well versed in Microsoft Office and project management tools. Fluency in the English language is essential. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages a plus. Ability to set priorities and work under pressure.

About Happiness Foundation

Happiness Foundation is an alternative to traditional philanthropy, providing pro bono consulting services rather than money and manpower to nonprofits. Through the Foundation, business professionals and experts donate their time and knowledge to help nonprofits increase their impact. Acting as a matchmaker and project coordinator, Happiness Foundation makes this new form of giving possible.

For more information

Mickey Beyer-Clausen
Founder & President
Happiness Foundation
E-mail: mickey@happiness.foundation