Michael Sherain

Vice Chairman

Michael Sherain has extensive experience managing global repositioning projects in a wide range of industries. This includes developing positioning strategies and managing implementation in all areas of the Quadric® framework. He is particularly skilled in workshop facilitation and engagement of international teams.

Prior to founding Quadric, Mr. Sherain was a partner in the international business of Kunde & Co., a leading European marketing consultancy. Originally from San Francisco, Mr. Sherain began working in Europe in 1997 when he moved to Copenhagen to take a senior marketing position in The Egmont Group, a publisher and distributor of Disney, Playstation and other entertainment brands in 30 countries.

Mr. Sherain is a part-time lecturer at DTU, the leading Danish university, and has been a guest lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics, Russia. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Since 2009, Mr. Sherain has been board member and investor in Mental Workout. The company is working to reinvent the delivery of psychology using the web and mobile devices. From fighting insomnia and reducing stress to helping people lose weight and stop smoking, the company is pioneering self-help in the digital age.

Mr. Sherain believes in the value of happiness and is committed to making Happiness Foundation a unifying force in the world.