Happiness Founder Mickey Beyer-Clausen

A message from our Founder:

We need your financial support so we can accelerate the impact of more nonprofits.

I am excited to share some great news about Happiness Foundation: We are planning to relaunch in 2019 as a public 501(c)3 foundation.

Instead of being funded only by my family and a few close friends, transitioning from private to public nonprofit status will allow Happiness Foundation to apply for grants we have never been eligible to apply for, and to fundraise more broadly. Ultimately, this will enable us to support a lot more nonprofits and recruit substantially more Volunteer Consultants.

As you might know, Happiness Foundation is an alternative to traditional philanthropy. We provide pro bono consulting services rather than money to nonprofits. Through the Foundation, business professionals and experts donate their time and knowledge to help nonprofits increase their impact. Acting as a matchmaker and project coordinator, Happiness Foundation makes this new form of giving possible. For a refresher about the Foundation and more on the mission and history, please browse through this website.

I created Happiness Foundation based on the belief that I could help make a difference in the world by channeling the talent and skills of motivated individuals into nonprofits that lack specialized knowledge. In 2002, I incorporated the Foundation in Denmark, where our innovative approach providing pro bono consulting services rather than money to nonprofits resulted in extensive media coverage, funding from the Danish Government, and honorable participation at Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year.

When I moved the Foundation from Denmark to New York, the Foundation's innovative approach was also quickly acknowledged here. Even the White House took notice and invited the Foundation to participate in activities part of the Council on Service and Civic Participation.

It is this success we aim to build on and grow in 2019.

We are looking for funding

At this time, I am looking for people and companies willing to help give Happiness Foundation a healthy re-launch. Our operational costs are minimal with an annual budget of $500,000, which will enable us to recruit a dedicated team comprised of an Executive Director, Director of Engagement (identify and engage nonprofits) and Director of Recruitment (identify and recruit Volunteer Consultants). The beauty of our model is matching Volunteer Consultants with nonprofits doesn’t cost anything.

Nonprofits important to you

If you make a large donation, I understand you might be doing so because you understand how valuable a resource Happiness Foundation would be for other nonprofits you support. We would love for you to nominate one or more of your favorite nonprofits so they can benefit from all that Happiness Foundation has to offer.

2019 is going to be an exciting year: Re-launching Happiness Foundation as a public foundation with 501(c)3 status, hiring our core team, and hitting our goal of supporting at least 6 nonprofit through the involvement of more than 30 Volunteer Consultants!

Let’s do this together. I’d love the opportunity to speak with you about becoming a donor or Guardian, and the nonprofits you care about. I would welcome the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you and provide more detailed information. If you are ready to pledge financial support now, please leave your information with me:

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Thank you for contributing to Happiness.

Warmest regards,

Mickey Beyer-Clausen